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Hermes' tent

Page history last edited by Catalia 12 years, 3 months ago

[Festival of the Gods, Hermes' Tent]

Elegance and simplicity make up the design of this tent.  A large and colorful painting surrounded by an ornate gold frame hangs on the back wall.  In the center of the room stands a glass block with something suspended in it.  Hanging from the ceiling throughout the tent are chimes in the shapes of Hermes' reed pipes.

Obvious exits: East


A sturdy reed chest

a silvery winged hat

an agate necklace

some winged sandal earrings

a silver scimitar

an agate encrusted mochlos pickset

a feather adorned cloak

some plate arm greaves inlaid with blue agates


A sturdy reed display case

a small caduceus-etched case

an elegant agate necklace

a marquise-cut agate pin

a silver ribbed band

 an agate encrusted shield

a caduceus-topped staff

an agate encrusted lockpick

a winged hat figurine


A sturdy reed table

a silver wing-shaped earring

some golden wing-etched boots

a silvery wing-etched pickset

a carved wooden wing-etched lyre

an agate caduceus relic

a pickset case etched with a caduceus design

a caduceus iron eyebrow stud

a cowgut strung tortoise shell lyre


A sturdy reed counter

a winged messenger relic

a silver wing charm earring

a carved wooden caduceus-etched lyre

a wing-embossed black pickset case

a wing-etched iron eyebrow stud

some black wing-stitched boots

some golden wing-etched sandals

an agate wing-shaped relic


A sturdy reed bench

a caduceus stitched envoy purse

a pair of silver leather trochades

a pair of white leather talaria

a silvery wing-stitched caparison

some winged leather splint boots

a gleaming white petasus

some silver striped short pants


A sturdy reed display

a small silver-veined globe

a Hermes nutcracker

a winged iron caduceas

a ruby flaked pickset,

a silver and peridot pickset

a gem encrusted pickset

a sturdy locksmith belt with various loops and buckles

a stuffed Hermes doll

a white marble Hermes statuette


A sturdy reed clothing rack

a stylish black leather coat with several small gold fasteners,

a smooth black leather coat with a black leather wrap

a rakish black leather coat with coppery ties

a sleek black leather coat with several bronze cinches

a long black leather coat with several smooth clasps

a polished black leather coat with silvery laces

an old black leather coat with several scuffed iron buckles

an dashing black leather coat with several polished silver buttons


A wooden horse

a thin leather harness with ruby-studded caduceus at its center

a sturdy leather girth full of tiny pockets with secure snaps

a light leather saddle pad flanked by a pair of golden wings

a studded leather bridle topped with a winged messenger hat

a lightweight endurance saddle studded with tiny precious stones

some light leather reins stamped with images of spilling dinars

a pair of leather saddlebags inscribed with a golden caduceus

a cured leather bridle set with engraved triangular silver plates

a white caparison embroidered with golden thread

golden leather saddle embroidered with white feathers along the stirrup



A sturdy reed trunk

a cowled white fitted knee-length tabard

a cowled black fitted knee-length tabard

a twisted length of wire

a burnt leather-wrapped mochlos pickset

a sturdy leather wristcuff etched with a single feather

a cowled crimson fitted knee-length tabard


A sturdy reed fishtank

a crouching winged Hermes sculpture of white granite


A sturdy reed shelf

a fossil bone and scroll relic amulet

a carved ivory wings upper lip stud

a braided cord hung with various cobalt scale weight beads

a loose shawl-like dress with deep pleats and an entwined caduceus claps

a pair of soft soled leather boots

a steel xiphos with leather wrapped hilts

a black leather chariot vest


[Festival of the Gods, Hermes' Safe Room]

Partitions run down the center of this area of the tent to show off a multitude of very ordinary looking paintings while a line of floor safes sits on either side in a strange display.  A banner hanging from he ceiling proclaims, "If it doesn't say Hermes then it's only safe from mortals." in bright yellow on blue.  The remainder of the tent is oddly sparse in terms of any wares for sale or decoration.  You also see a sales clerk.


    1.  a sturdy steel safe (Small Storage Item)

        - 1500 dinars

    2.  a sturdy iron safe (Small Storage Item)

        - 1500 dinars

    3.  a sturdy bronze safe (Small Storage Item)

        - 1500 dinars

    4.  a sturdy steel-banded safe (Small Storage Item)

        - 1500 dinars

    5.  a sturdy hardened oak safe (Small Storage Item)

        - 1500 dinars

    6.  a sturdy iron-banded safe (Small Storage Item)

        - 1500 dinars

    7.  a dogs playing tiles painting (Wall Storage Item)

        - 1500 dinars

    8.  a beautiful forest painting (Wall Storage Item)

        - 1500 dinars

    9.  a covered bridge painting (Wall Storage Item)

        - 1500 dinars

   10.  a roiling seascape painting (Wall Storage Item)

        - 1500 dinars

   11.  a regal Mt. Olympus painting (Wall Storage Item)

        - 1500 dinars

   12.  a bowl of fruit still life painting (Wall Storage Item)

        - 1500 dinars

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