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Kelpie is likely not his real name, as it seems very few of the Seelie court actually stick by their real names... plus the word "Kelpie" refers to a Sidhe creature of Scottish lore known as the waterhorse. It is said that kelpies, in general, appear as beautiful horses in fields that seem docile, but when a human makes the mistake of trying to get on their back, the kelpie immediately dives into the nearest lake and drowns and presumably consumes the human. They have also been known to take human form to seduce women, but there is always some tell-tale sign of their true nature, such as their hair really having seaweed in it, or even simply shells.  It is said they can be tamed by being caught with a gold bridle. 


Kelpie in the game does not seem inclined towards trying to consume humans, and he is a master of using water to accomplish what he desires. He does have a temper that is best not to raise, but this appears to be marked by his eyes turning from a normal changeable blue to a purple of some sort. He does stay true to the flirtatious nature, and despite the fact he and Fostismeras bicker, there does seem to be an underlying friendship between the two. He is not inclined towards direct battle, and he seems more interested in mischief than actual cruelty. It has been revealed that he is in fact the heir to the throne of the kelpies, which explains his somewhat sheltered ways and the fact that Raethe, another kelpie loyal to Kelpie's father, is displeased at his spending too much time around mortals and learning more peaceful ways. 


Kelpie has been directly contrasted with Uiruka, even getting into fights with him. This is notable due to Uiruka's high position of power within the Unseelie Court and the fact that the two are fairly even in a fight... as long as Kelpie remains near water and does not give Uiruka the advantage of open space and sky. Kelpie seems to require the water to be nearby in order to stay on even footing. 


Did you know? 



  • The infamous Loch Ness Monster is often called by the locals a kelpie, due to the fact that at a distance, it is said to look like it has a horse's head. 


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