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Worth a Thousand Words

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[Worth a Thousand Words]

Prints, paintings, watercolors and sketches are all proudly displayed on the richly paneled walls. An intoxicating mixture of oil paints, inks and thinners fills the air, leaving a vaguely unpleasant scent. You also see a starving artist.

Obvious exits: out.


#     Price Item
1.      125 a lacquered parchment top table
2.      110 an oversized artist's palette table
3.      140 an over-stuffed brown leather chair (set of 4)
4.       65 an ink-stained cloth rug
5.      195 a battered leather busker's trunk
6.       85 a paint spattered cotton drop cloth
7.      250 a vented redwood picture window
8.      105 a paint spattered oak easel
9.      195 a bronze-enforced traveler's trunk
10.     300 a converted bookcase bed with a music staff headboard
11.     100 a carved cherry writing desk
12.      70 a pair of black and white drama masks
13.    1000 a smooth black suede chair (set of 4)

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