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Virula's Concoctions

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[Virula's Concoctions]

This spartan room is flanked by four carved wood pillars, each facing out to the center from the corners of the room. A polished counter rests before a wide array of shelves bearing many vials of dark and congealing substances. Countless glass bottles are placed on every available surface -- none of them labeled and all of them somewhat sinister looking.


1   a translucent rice paper scroll                   Price 30        
2   a purple rice paper scroll                        Price 10        
3   a faded blood-red scroll                          Price 50        
4   a dark orange-red scroll                          Price 75        
5   a crinkled brown papyrus scroll                   Price 70        
6   a fragile rust-edged scroll                       Price 40        
7   an ornately stamped scroll                        Price 35        
8   a silvery stripe-marked scroll                    Price 72        
9   a feathery black paper scroll                     Price 75        
10  a mint-green parchment scroll                     Price 25        
11  a soft wine-red scroll                            Price 55        
12  a deep green silk-screened scroll                 Price 30        
13  a pale red rice paper scroll                      Price 15        
14  a dark mustard yellow scroll                      Price 30        
15  a pure white linen scroll                         Price 50        
16  a storm-grey soft paper scroll                    Price 90        
17  a sour purple scroll                              Price 75        
18  a smooth luminous grey scroll                     Price 55        
19  a bottle of ground glass                          Price 10        
20  a bottle of crude olive oil                       Price 8         
21  a bottle of cheap red wine                        Price 9         
22  a golden scroll                                   Price 10        
23  a milk-white cowskin parchment                    Price 50        
24  a tanned goatskin parchment                       Price 20        
25  a sheet of tanned parchment                       Price 55        
26  a sheet of milk-white parchment                   Price 30        
27  a glittering vellum scroll                        Price 60        
28  a salt-encrusted scroll                           Price 5         
29  a bag of  salt                                    Price 15        
30  a huge bag of  salt                               Price 50        
31  a bottle of anaconda snake oil                    Price 50        
32  a gold banded papyrus                             Price 55        
33  a black banded papyrus                            Price 253       
34  a purple banded papyrus                           Price 768       
35  a fiery red banded papyrus                        Price 1320      
36  a pink banded papyrus                             Price 2580      
37  a deep ruby glass dusted parchment                Price 287   


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