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[Thebes, Semele Road]

The Proetidian Gate guards the road from the city to the Fountains of Oedipus to the northeast. A relief depicting the story of Oedipus washing his hands before entering Thebes enhances the otherwise plain stone arch.


Thebes is the largest city in Boeotia and stands just north of the Cithaeron mountain range that separates it from Attica. While not exactly the capital of Boeotia, the city's strategic position did make it a central and commanding city among the outlying towns. In fact, Thebes went out of its way to try to bring all these provinces together under one rule in order to better defend themselves from enemy attacks.


Thebes is the center of many stories ranging from its many kings to the heroic feats of Hercules and Oedipus and the exploits of Zeus and Dionysus.


One story in particular involves the building of the city and the famous wall of seven gates by Amphion and his twin brother, Zethos, who were fathered by Zeus by Antiope. When children they were abandoned on Mount Cithaeron by their mother, ashamed by being violated by Zeus, and raised by a shepherd on the slopes. They went on from there to built Thebes brick by brick, bolstered by Amphion's lyre whom Hermes himself had taught him to play.




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