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Squirrel's Knotty Pine

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[Squirrel's Knotty Pine]

This shop resides in an enormous trunk that was chiseled out.  Roughly carved walls have been smoothed and polished.  A lantern, shaped like a pine cone, suspends from the ceiling on a long root.  Pine shavings covering the floor emit a fresh pine scent.  You also see Squirrel.




#     Price Item
1. 105 a gnarled pine table
2. 98 a knotty pine secretary
3. 95 a knotty pine writing desk
4. 105 a polished pine roller desk
5. 265 a knotty pine-framed window
6. 95 a knotty pine reading desk
7. 125 a cushioned white pine sofa
8. 80 some knotty pine barrel chairs
9. 98 a polished knotty pine desk
10. 95 a hand-crafted pine love seat
11. 225 a gnarled pine-post bed
12. 95 a honey-stained knotty pine table
13. 155 a four-poster knotty pine bed
14. 275 an oval pine window
15. 85 a rustic pine trunk table

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