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Here is a log that I, as Arlene, saved from our first meeting with Sivfaphlorimas for those who were not around when we went to Delphi.


You see Sivfaphlorimas, a male Human.

He has shoulder-length, straight silver hair that is tied back, one brown eye and one milky blue eye, fair skin, and sports a long beard.

He is not holding anything at the moment.

He is wearing a long black and white striped coat, a frilly white tunic, a pair of white pointed shoes, a pair of billowing black pantaloons, a black three belled cap, a black leather belt and a large white satchel.

He is in good health.


Sivfaphlorimas just went left.


Sivfaphlorimas says, "Careful be, it just ended."


You ask, "What did?"


Sivfaphlorimas says, "Begin, soon, it should."


Sivfaphlorimas shakes his head.


You ask, "What is going to begin?"


Sivfaphlorimas says, "These places. Time always, awkward."


Sivfaphlorimas shakes his head at Lytaria and clucks his tongue.


Sivfaphlorimas nods.


Quinlax asks, "Who're you?"


Sivfaphlorimas asks, "Who're who?"


Quinlax squints at Sivfaphlorimas.


Quinlax says, "I'm Quinlax."


Sivfaphlorimas asks, "So?"


Quinlax asks, "So, who are you?"


You ask, "What are you doing here?"


You gaze at Sivfaphlorimas.


Sivfaphlorimas says, "See to here, am I."


Sivfaphlorimas pokes a bronze scrying bowl sitting atop a marble column.


Sivfaphlorimas rubs his chin.


Sivfaphlorimas says, "Ending is about to begin."


Sivfaphlorimas says, "Backwards I speak not. To the left and upside down."


Sivfaphlorimas nods.


Sivfaphlorimas peers quizzically at Quinlax.


Sivfaphlorimas says, "Before time, did die."


Sivfaphlorimas nods.


Sivfaphlorimas says, "Hold of your body I have not. Time has dead has struck you before arrived it did."


Sivfaphlorimas says, "Certainly in shall begin and free shall be you."


Sivfaphlorimas exclaims, "Live be you once after!"


Lytaria squints at Sivfaphlorimas.


Lytaria asks, "Who are you?"


Lytaria peers quizzically at Sivfaphlorimas.


Sivfaphlorimas asks, "I who are?"


Lytaria says, "Yes."


Quinlax rubs his head.


Kide says, "I'm Kide."


Sivfaphlorimas says, "Sivfaphlorimas be who you not are."


Quinlax asks, "Huh?"


Leanna asks, "Can...we call you Siv?"


Quinlax asks, "Are you sick?"


Sivfaphlorimas says, "What you will, call it me. It not matters. What need I sample be. Before begin it does."


Kide asks, "You're like an introduction to what's coming?"


Sivfaphlorimas asks, "There any are who finished with most thread?"


Quinlax asks, "Thread?"


Leanna asks, "Most...thread?"


Leanna rubs her face.


Leanna asks, "Are you asking if there are any who are old?"


Sivfaphlorimas nods to Leanna.


Sivfaphlorimas says, "Finished mostly."


Leanna says, "Among us, there is not."


Quinlax asks, "You got that out of... that?"


Leanna says, "We hope."


Sivfaphlorimas says, "As sample take I."


Leanna looks over at Sivfaphlorimas and shakes her head.


Quinlax asks, "You want a body?"


Leanna says, "All of us are healthy and fairly young."


Quinlax asks, "An old body?"


Lytaria says, "You can't have mine."


Leanna says, "And yes, he's speaking in riddles."


Sivfaphlorimas says, "Body here, I take must."


Kide asks, "Or you are mostly done with your thread?"


Leanna says, "The thread of time."


Leanna says, "So if the thread is almost done.. it is almost cut, which means, you are old."


Quinlax says, "Your life thread."


Quinlax says, "I hope my isn't close to being cut."


Leanna says, "I merely gambled on that being his metaphor."


Sivfaphlorimas says, "Brighter you seem for talker funnies."


Kide says, "None of us are mostly done."


Sivfaphlorimas nods to Leanna.


Kide says, "I think he's praising you for understanding his strange talk."


Leanna says, "Well, thank you, but I don't want to be your sample."


Lytaria folds her arms across her chest.


Sivfaphlorimas exclaims, "Enough fair!"


Sivfaphlorimas says, "But someone be must."


Sivfaphlorimas says, "Before begins it does."


Leanna asks, "Why must someone be?"


Quinlax asks, "Before what begins?"


Leanna asks, "Can you not take like.. a cow?"


Sivfaphlorimas exclaims, "Study done must happen!"


Kide says, "He seems like someone out of time, that needs a sample of different....lives, like different points in life."


Sivfaphlorimas says, "Cow see no here."


Leanna says, "There is no cow here. But there is cows out there."


Sivfaphlorimas says, "Here from need."


Sivfaphlorimas rubs his chin.


Leanna says, "And not to mention, this is a temple, so someone's bound to bring a cow in to sacrifice sooner or later."


Sivfaphlorimas waves at a cloth sack.


Leanna says, "They just do that sorta thing."


Sivfaphlorimas grins.


Sivfaphlorimas captures Quinlax within a black and white sack.


Sivfaphlorimas says, "Her take I."


Sivfaphlorimas nods.


Sivfaphlorimas gazes at a cloth sack.


Kide says, "You can't take him."


Sivfaphlorimas peers into a black and white sack.


Leanna says, "That's a him."


Sivfaphlorimas asks, "How tell you?"


Lytaria frowns.


Sivfaphlorimas peers quizzically at Leanna.


Lytaria says, "Drop him."


Kide says, "He's a friend."


Leanna asks, "Okay. First of all, let us show you to a library, okay?"


Sivfaphlorimas says, "Insides more tell me."


Sivfaphlorimas shakes his white sack!


Sivfaphlorimas says, "Take done mostly for compassion. Not necessary very to learn."


Sivfaphlorimas says, "Books your no good very."


Lytaria says, "He's not old."


Leanna says, "That's not true. There's very good books. You've clearly been reading the wrong ones and merely need to be pointed to the right ones."


Sivfaphlorimas sighs.


Leanna says, "He's saying he takes old people merely out of being nice. But that it isn't necessary for him to learn."


Sivfaphlorimas says, "Getting it, not, you are."


Sivfaphlorimas nods to Lytaria.


Sivfaphlorimas waves.


Sivfaphlorimas says, "Time."


Kide asks, "Why?"


Sivfaphlorimas asks, "Why for ask?"


Leanna asks, "You want to understand why mortals age?"


Sivfaphlorimas glances at a black and white sack.


Sivfaphlorimas turns over his white sack and shakes it.

Quinlax falls from a black and white sack!


Sivfaphlorimas shakes his finger at Quinlax.


Kide says, "He is a friend."


Sivfaphlorimas exclaims, "Noisy very. Irritating!"


Sivfaphlorimas flails his arms about.


Sivfaphlorimas exclaims, "It begin now. No point!"


Sivfaphlorimas says, "Important now is not."


Sivfaphlorimas says, "End it did then begin. Sample no get, now. Waste of time."


Sivfaphlorimas grumbles.


Lytaria says, "So sorry to ruin your experiment...."


Lytaria folds her arms across her chest.


Leanna says, "Uh. Okay."


Sivfaphlorimas says, "Should be, know you."


Quinlax exclaims, "I'll cut my way out!"


Lytaria says, "Be quiet."


Sivfaphlorimas asks, "With what?"


Sivfaphlorimas peers quizzically at Quinlax.


Quinlax removes a ridge-bladed steel hunting knife from his thigh sheath.


Quinlax waves his hunting knife around.


Sivfaphlorimas laughs!


Sivfaphlorimas says, "Mundane mortal tool."


Sivfaphlorimas yawns.


Sivfaphlorimas exclaims, "Strides on time. Early for bed am I. Good morning!"


Sivfaphlorimas just arrived.

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