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September 1999

Page history last edited by PBworks 16 years, 9 months ago

September 28 - Some warriors, muggers, and rats attacked today using poison... well except for the rats. Seems one of the rats was some super rat though since nobody could hit it and it needed to be taken out with shrapnel bombs and caltrops. After the attacked someone was heard to say, "See Euanthes, my super serum works perfectly, soon I shall be able to take over the world." Then in reply he says, "But Mentius, you need more ambrosia for the next batch." And then two figures were seen heading out the gate.


A pale warrior's reflection was also spotted in the window of the bar several times at the gate. During this time peoples' mules were acting strange, leaning on them and nibbling on their hair and such. Finally the pale warrior showed himself and attacked. I don't think it was actually killed, but it disappeared with a low wail or some such. Thanks for the news Garrock!

September 27 - A bunch of spies and forward scouts attacked at the gate this afternoon which were soon followed by a wave of guardsmen and guardsmen leaders. As if that weren't enough, a bunch of black assasins came in with black plumed helmets and started killing everyone. And then, yes there's more, three bodyguards showed up and mostly finished off who the assasins couldn't. Thanks for the news Leanna.

September 24 - Seems Brent and Anduril killed a poor wolf pup that got lost and wandered into the Peiraic Gate. Not long after, seven nasty white wolves came in howling for vengeance. Brent ran and three broke off from the pack and chased him down, needless to say he died soon after. People at the gate helped dispatch the other wolves before they could kill Anduril who set immediately off boasting on how they couldn't kill him. Well, ten more wolves showed up and deflated his ego a bit, after they avenged their fallen pup they slinked back out the gate, justice served. Thanks for the info Leanna!

September 23 - A priestess named Maraera showed up at the gate tonight and told a story about the day it was to those that bothered listening. After telling a story of the harvest and how Persephone goes to spend the winter with Hades and how Demeter gets all depressed and causes winter, she asked us to join her in giving thanks to Demeter for giving us the promise of a new spring. Only a handful of people joined, bah humbug!, and she whisked us off to the shrine where she had an altar waiting with all sorts of mystic thingies like chalices and candles and bowls of salt and water. Then we circled and gave thanks for what we were thankful for, wished for something we were lacking, and gave up something we didn't need. After the ceremony we felt the warmth of Demeter pass over us and we sang a few songs before heading back to the gate.


Attucus and the URS will be hosting a comedy night on Saturday, September 25th at 10 pm EST. So be sure to sharpen that razor wit and have your comedic stylings ready! The topic will be critters and there is no charge and prizes for the best joke. Seems that it will be held at the Hero's Welcome. If you or anyone else wants an event announced on my site don't hesititate to send me mail and I'll be happy to consider it.

September 11 - Sorry folks, been a busy week for this storyteller... let's recap a couple things I missed (the ones I got told about anyhow). Seems Lubricus came to Athens yet again and called everyone murderers for killing him or some such. After trading the usual insults and getting attacked, he called a bodyguard and ran off. After the bodyguard was disposed of Lubricus came back and was killed again. Thanks Pickoer.


Salmoneus also made an appearance selling some dirty green infusions that he claimed gave you muscles and grew hair on your chest. All we could tell that they actually did was make you sing a silly song about being a hero or some such... Vial of Joxer? Watch out Discord! Some bodyguards, forward scouts, and guardsmen also attacked later that night. Thanks for the info Vaftel.

September 6 - Happy Memorial Day! Seems while I was on vacation (does moving furniture count as vacation? hehe) there were a few invasions. A couple nights ago Norticles arrived at the gate and proclaimed that he was having some problems with legionaries. Soon after nearly a full legion of them showed up at the gate. Then the next day there was an invasion of plague fiends and skeletal warriors. And then last night there were more legionaries, this time they had forges on their weapons. Thanks for the update Vaftel!

September 3 - Lubricus arrived at the Peiraic Gate early this morning looking for "some real men" to hire, but found only what he considered girls. After the exchanges of witty insults, he got fed up and called one of his friends... a bodyguard (guess he has to pay folks to be his friend). After the bodyguard ran off for whatever reason, Lubricus came back and called another bodyguard to find the first one. After a while he managed to get them both back to the gate and they caused plenty of mayhem.

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