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Scarlat's Fine Fashions

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[Scarlat's Fine Fashions]

Bins heaped with various items -- all in shades of red -- fill the space behind the counter. Shelves line the walls which are, of course, tinted in a rosy hue. Two lanterns hang from the massive rafters supporting the shop's roof, casting twin circles of light at the center of the room.


1   a dolk                                           Price 5         
2   a dulk                                           Price 5         
3   a dalk                                           Price 5         
4   a gohg                                           Price 5         
5   a gahg                                           Price 8         
6   a guhg                                           Price 9         
7   a torgh                                          Price 15        
8   a woljr                                          Price 7         
9   a leather wuljr                                  Price 8         



All items may be customized with a color, material or both.

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