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Salacia's Stitchery

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[Salacia's Stitchery]

This small shop is tidy and well-lit. Several trunks and wardrobes line the panelled walls and a table, off to one side, contains various bone and metal sewing tools. Salacia isn't anywhere to be seen, but there is a small bronze bell attached to the table should a customer need assistance. A tanned hide covers the entrance to the living quarters in the rear of the shop. You also see a small notice.


1   a brown leather skirt                             Price 8         
2   a scuffed leather halter-top                      Price 7         
3   a leather jacket                                  Price 15        
4   a wrapped leather zoma                            Price 6         
5   a heavy wool tribon                               Price 60        
6   a thick hooded cloak                              Price 60        
7   some mid-calf leather boots                       Price 10        
8   some mid-calf animal hide boots                   Price 10        
9   a leather choker                                  Price 4         
10  a braided leather headband                        Price 3        

11  a feather-edged leather choker                    Price 25        
12  a feather-edged leather belt                      Price 37        
13  some reinforced supple leather gloves             Price 6         
14  some suede leather hunting boots                  Price 75        

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