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Music skill affects Storyteller Songs, as well as Harmonic weaponry and Non-elemental Sonic attacks. Harmonic weaponry can be gotten in the Northeast Quadrant of Athens by checking the DIRECTIONS there for HARMONICS. The shop is Souza's Swords and Songs Forever. The number next to each attack denotes the skill needed to accomplish it.


YELP (4)- Insignificant damage

SHRIEK (40) -Low damage

WAIL (120) -Slight damage

HOWL (200) -Good damage

SCREAM (280) -Moderate Damage

YELL (360)-High damage

BELLOW (440)- Severe damage

ROAR (520)- Serious damage


To use a harmonic weapon, ENCHANT it, causing it to have a flare like that of forged weapons. An example, with someone who has magical armor on so the damage is lower:

You draw your silver rapier back again in another reverse stroke at Jostinian!

    Moving masterfully,  you give Jostinian minor bruising to the foot!  How thoughtful!

      ....Jostinian takes 19 points of damage in scrapes and bruises!

The sound of a cheering crowd bursts forth from an elegant harmonic silver rapier, quickly growing into a deafening, thunderous roar which envelopes Jostinian in a climactic crescendo of sound!

      ...Jostinian takes 117 points of damage.


To have a sparkling nimbus as your armor, you must not be wearing anything else that the game considers armor. Then ENCHANT yourself.

You will see the following message:

Focussing intently on your knowledge of sound and vibration, you begin to hum, concentrating the notes into a ball in front of you.  When this ball of energy is complete and stable, you slap it between your hands, resulting in a deafening...

   *** GONG ***  

Roundtime: 30 sec.

Others in the room see:


Leanna concentrates on something momentarily, then slaps her hands together in front of her, resulting in a deafening...

   *** GONG ***  


You are absolutely correct if you think that what others see is not nearly as cool as what you see. You will then seen wearing a sparkling nimbus. When your time is up on the armor, you will blur briefly and hear the faint sounds of gongs, leaving you vulnerable again.



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