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Mona's Bedroom Lease and Sales

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Along Apeiros Circle you will find a lapis-inlaid black marble building...


Mona's Bedroom Lease and Sales

The entry hall of the shop is spacious and wide-open. The walls are flanked by marble columns. Two of these frame a single picture on the far wall.

Obvious exits: north, east, west.

* North

[Mona's Bedroom Lease and Sales]

Pleated linen curtains hang from the walls. A small oak table stands in the center of the room, with a modest floral display. Wooden paneling peeks out from behind the wares standing silently in the room.


#     Price Item
1.       90 a pallet of fresh golden straw
2.      100 an uneven reed pallet
3.      100 a faded cotton-draped pallet
4.       65 a heap of frayed linen scraps
5.       65 a pile of tattered linen rags
6.       75 a pile of sweet green grass
7.       60 a heap of musty straw


* East

[Mona's Bedroom Lease and Sales]

Slender porcelain vases bear freshly-picked wildflowers. A wooden counter rests against the northern wall. There is a thick fur rug carpeting the floor, the fur plush and soft to the touch. You also see a cheerful sales clerk.


#     Price Item
1.      225 a carved linden bed
2.      225 a slender rosewood bed
3.      225 a narrow bronze bed
4.      135 a sturdy unfinished bed
5.      225 a white-washed oak bed
6.      150 a pile of soft linen pillows
7.      225 a pile of faded velvet pillows


* West

[Mona's Bedroom Lease and Sales]

Raised platforms an inch or two high rest in the room displaying various wares. Fine lace curtains hang from golden rods over the windows. You also see a roan centaur sales clerk.


#     Price Item
1.      450 a circle of thick velvet pillows
2.      300 a carved ironwood bed
3.      390 a pile of white silk pillows
4.      425 a dark blue silk-draped bed
5.      390 a pile of black silk pillows
6.      275 a plush feather bed
7.      375 a blood red satin-draped bed

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