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May 2001

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May 28 - The Who's Forum is it Anyway in the estate was a blast. Congratulations to Apollonius and Angelia who won. Premium members who happen to be Warriors can now BOND With their weapon for some special moves when hunting.


Collin has finally shown himself again, attacking the gate with grizzled veterans and soldiers. He seems to have gone through some training, for I'm told he was tougher then he used to be. Also, Autolycus has been seen around Athens lately, in a good mood and handing out bright yellow dandelions. Ares also made a brief appearance, just long enough to zap two Athenians, Fiannah, and Corbynne. And he said Corbynne was a cute, for a mortal!

May 23 - Thanks to Puggy for this bit of news. We were visited at the gate last night by a charming fellow named "Dissonos" I arrived a bit late, but what I discovered wasthat he and his band of men tried to rob an armor-merchants wagon. The merchant was found outside the gate injured, andupon bringing him within the walls Dissonos arrived and promptly killed him, saying that he did so cause he killed some ofhis men in the first place. I believe it was about now that I arrived, and I started to question Dissonos and the otherwitnesses what happend. Dissonos admitted to killing the merchant to re-sell them at a lower price. So keep an eye out for new items in a shop.

May 22 - Autolycus showed up at the gate with the lyre. Apparently he had 'borrowed' it from Xena. It seems Salmoneus showed up later, and he and Autolycus got in a tug-of-war with the lyre. It ended up flying through the air and Gabrielle caught it. Autolycus and Salmoneus took off and Gabrielle spent a few more minutes talking with us. Gabrielle seemed to believe that the Lyre was going to either to go to Jace or back to Melodia. Two rather unsafe places for a lyre, if you ask me.


Athens was recently attacked by lunatics, crazies, and madmen. No one quite knows the story behind them. Are they really just misunderstood Athenians or has bedlam been loosed? You decide. Also, birds without coats flew by the gate last night. The Spy that's not a spy also made a reappearance, followed by several odd creatures.

May 6 - Thank you to Angelia for the following... Last night at the gate, we heard anguished cries coming from the east. When we ran to see what was going on, there was a mugger after the Lithe Young Woman and we summarily dispatched him. We then were attacked by robbers, muggers, urchins, skulkers, brigands...all the nasty lurking-about types you can imagine. Once again we heard a frightened cry and we met a peddler who was being attacked, as well. We took care of that flood and had a few words with the peddler. Apparently, they said they were attacking him because he didn't have a peddling license, or some such nonsense. He was peddling little green apples. With a few warnings about traveling alone, he soon went on his way.

Right after that, when we were at the gate, we heard a voice from the shadows speaking. Basically, he was telling us that he employed people to "Teach others the error of their ways", that he was really big on efficiency, and that he could offer those who worked for him "Wealth, Power and Women". (Guess he only employs men) He also told Bonk he could hook him up with some cows. And he's looking for lackeys who will "Do what they're told, no questions asked". Anyway, he eventually came out of the shadows and his name is Dissonos.

May 5 - Today is Thargelia, a celebration to praise Apollo, Dionysus, and the four seasons. Its also Apollo's Birthday. If you see a beaming boy or girl around Athens, you can give them something as a gift to Apollo and Dionysus in order to recieve a eiresione. There was also a tray at the gate to celebrate Apollo's Birthday.


Discord has also shown herself recently, basically just being annoying.


Some more background information from Telesilla... Thargelia is a festival in Greece that usually occurs on May 24th, commemorating the birth of Artemis. This isn't newsworthy, but a couple of my friends and I went down to Artemis's garden and offered presents, and sang her "Happy Birthday". Word is there will be more actual Grecian holidays celebrated in-game.

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