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The Interim/Fake Warlord

"It's always got to be someone's town first. It's who ends up with it that counts. Burn this city, I'll find another. But, you see... I've let the citizens stay here. So slaughter them as you please. Burn the city, burn the innocents. Makes sense to me. You daren't lay siege on me when I hold a blade to the necks of so many."

-- Kamarthi

"Let's not forget who's in charge here, yes?"

-- Kamarthi to Vasileios after a disagreement


  • When Piraeus first fell, it was believed that the warlord in charge was a man named Kamarthi. In retrospect, the only one who ever outright claimed Kamarthi was Kamarthi himself. It is now known that Kamarthi was merely a figurehead put into place by Drakontas so that he could remain in the shadows until he was ready to make his appearance. Kamarthi apparently got too big for his britches, however, and tried to kill off Vasileios and take over the army himself. His attempt failed spectacularly, and in a climatic battle on Psarigida's ship, Kamarthi was struck down by an arrow fired by Vasileios when he attempted to hold one of the Athenians hostage. He was knocked into the water, the blood attracting the sea serpent, and Kamarthi is believed to have perished, if not from the arrow, then from the serpent. This was the punishment for attempting to betray Drakontas.

Did You Know?

  • Kamarthi was referred to as "the eagle", presumably because of the eagle he kept as a pet. The first indication of Drakontas was in a letter signed by three dragon heads, which stated that the "eagle has begun to fly a bit too high", an indication that Drakontas was aware of Kamarthi's treachery early on.


  • Before Kamarthi's full name was known, he was referred to by many of the women in Athens as "SWK". SWK means "Sexy Warlord K" as only his first initial was known from a letter he signed. It was, for the most part, wishful thinking.

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