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June 1999

Page history last edited by PBworks 17 years, 5 months ago

June 26 - Harukia showed up tonight sending wave after wave of mercenaries and mercenaries and soldiers. And who woulda guessed it, Harukia was killed. And then guess what? Collin showed up to get revenge with more mercenaries and soldiers. After the battle Collin started smooching all the girls around the gate, and even Garrock!, and kept babbling about his secret citadel and that the final invasion would be soon. Then Nisha showed up and he ran off with his tail between his legs. Nisha told them that Collin's forces were gathering and that the location of his hideout would be revealed soon. She also mentioned that his forces seemed to consist of watered down mercenaries and soldiers, and that he had a personal guard made up of assassins. Thanks Dementius and Garrock for the update!

June 15 to 25 - Sorry for the lack of updates, but I believe this was due mostly to the lack of things happening. I have been ill and my computer broke so it has been hard trying to keep track, but I'm back at 50% at least ;). A few things that I heard happened during this time had something to do with hearing growls and crickets and squeaks and such coming from the well? Nothing much beyond this, thanks to Apollonius, Llorien, and Dhunter for filling me in about the well stuff.

June 14 - Sisoclyes showed up again early this morning doing more alterations at the Sapphire Estate. After making some comments about the ingredients of the new vial of Discord, she popped in and zapped me. Then she came back later and zapped Garrock for no reason. Then she came back once again and silenced and bound me, zapped Laia and Llorien and then poofed. While she was there she mentioned that she was busy destroying Fedmire's tent, so like a good bunch of heroes we ran and checked it out. There was a bunch of bullies in the tent, no problem right? Well these bullies were about as tough as trolls, and they had greatswords. Needless to say we were cut down pretty swiftly.


Some big mean giant chickens also attacked this morning, even meaner than the bullies. I guess they were insulted at all the chicken jokes we kept making about Discord and didn't want to take it anymore. Thanks for letting me know about em Hyzenthlay.


Discord showed up again tonight in Midgard and told Bonk and Vaftel she wanted to play a little game. She sent them a bunch more of those mean bullies which killed Vaftel off pretty quickly, but he came back and he and Bonk finished them off. She said something about Fedmire's tent again so they of course ran to check it out, and there was a viscious bully there even tough for Bonk. After gathering folks from the gate, a lot of which who died, they started fighting the viscous bully, and when it died Discord of course sent more. Finally she just made them all disappear, said she won the game, and poofed off.

June 13 - Quite a few hyena pups, mangy hyenas, and viscous hyenas attacked all over the lands today... everywhere from Thebes to Athens to Midgard. Groans and growls were heard coming from Sid's bar, and when we went to check it out we found more pups. One pup in particular kept whining like it was lost so we stopped attacking it. It also stopped attacking for a while but started up again shortly after. Nothing we could do would get it to follow us so we could help it get home. Hercules was also spotted in Midgard by Westly and Pae. They were looking for mushrooms to help Autolycus, how these'll help I don't know but if anyone knows it'd be Hercules.


They came to the Hero's Welcome and Hercules told us Fatima told him how to save Autolycus. They poured some white wine on the floor and then some lichen dust from the Frogner Forest. In a puff of smoke there he was, Autolycus in all his glory! Hercules convinced him to give up the kronos stone he had and he crumbled it into dust, then he made Autolycus go unlock the gates to Thebes! Oh, and he saved the little hyena pup too! That just so... so... so Hercules! Be sure to check out the map and price lists for Thebes.


After opening the gate, the brave folks of Athens soon found their way into the future. A doorway to Renassaince Studios where there were all sorts of weird gadgets and wonderful sites to behold. And hidden amongst all this junk were three prizes for lucky folks. Congratulations to our three winners!

Jherle - The big winner that found the infamous Crew Vest!

Pae - Who earned herself a tax free month in the lands!

Garrock - Who got himself a life-size Xena made outta cardboard!


Sisoclyes also showed up at the Sapphire Estate after the big event and did some wonderful alterations for us.


A bunch of nasty stuff attacked the gate early this morning. Wart-infested warriors, oozing undead bodies, and flea-infested bodies. There were several waves of these critters before they finally stopped coming. Thanks for the new Llorien.

June 12 - A huge group of wild eyed, young, and developed savages attacked the gate tonight using chipped tridents that were pretty tough to kill. After getting rid of the first wave a chieftain arrived and started insulting us and making threats. It seems they are after the kronos stone, someone paid them to find it for him, and they think we have it. He said his "magic senses" told him it was near. After killing some of us and another wave of savages he left.


According to Vaftel quite a number of savages showed up later in the pawnshop in Gamlebyen too. They chased Bonk, Vaftel, Alydyana, and Denada all over Midgard until finally the chieftain confronted them and made a challenge... fight him or fight his men. They chose his men and when they were all killed I guess the chieftain decided he'd fight too. Finally after he got all wrapped up in snakes he was also vanquished.

June 11 - A talking cat showed up at the gate late tonight looking for Autolycus. It's name was Stormy and he follows Autolycus around in the shadows but says he has had trouble finding him lately. He also said that he has heard people talk about the kronos stone and he has seen it himself but couldn't remember where. After picking a troll box with his claws and saying Autolycus had a lot to learn from him, they took the cat hunting rats where it tore through them in one swipe with claws and teeth. After the hunt he layed down in Sid's bar for a drop of milk and then left... coming back later as a normal non-talking cat, apparently he can only talk when the moon is right or some such. Thanks Llorien and Leanna.


A woman named Swan came to the gate early this morning eating bananas and gooy honey. When folks asked her where she had gotten it she replied from Fickles. She told us that it was a place you buy food and that it was near some cliffs on the coast. After more questions we found out that she had seen Varkiza Castle, Fedmire's tent, and a poor squirrel near the place. I went and checked it out but found nothing. She went off to hunt skeletons after this but got "bored" and wandered about trying to find this Fickles place again. She found a cheetah and died. A few of us went down to see what happened and she said she owed us and promised that she would find Fickles to repay us.

June 8 - Thebes is open ... Oops, false alarm... later this evening a bunch of lightning bolts started zapping people inside Thebes, and folks started getting sick. In a panic, those that survived rushed back to Athens just in time for Hiram to arrive. Seems a gate guard fell asleep on the job and we weren't supposed to be inside the city yet. I also got a visit from a certain deathless god asking that my maps and guides remain in my head until the official opening... so my maps and price guides will be down until we're allowed back into Thebes. Sorry for the inconvenience, but I really don't need to get zapped anymore than I have to!

June 5 - Sasebo arrived early this morning calling for help on the thought net. After frantically searching all over Athens we finally got the bright idea to check Discord's temple where we were attacked by some very mean giant spiders. We heard Sasebo's voice in her shrine and finally discovered a crack in the altar that led us to Sasebo and we got her out of there. Although she was still blind, she soon got her sight back and we quickly started making plans to hide her again.


We decided it'd be a good idea to change her appearance, so now Sasebo is a green-eyed redhead, hehe... oh yeah and her name is Sasperilla or Eve. Just as we were changing her skin tone to dusky, Discord popped in and Sasebo ran off in a panic. Discord asked who it was, we all of course played dumb and she got mad, zapped a couple of us, and said we better watch those babies and poofed. Seems Discord hears anything she wants, even when she isn't there so be careful what you see about Sasebo's whereabouts. Discord found her last time because she heard someone in the bar saying where she was.

June 4 - People have been seeing strange things all over the lands lately. Items appearing in their hands that they had thrown away, stuff popping into their hands out of their backpacks, invisible people handing them stuff, things appearing on the ground in front of them and disappearing from their hands, and even folks taking one step and ending up halfway across town. I guess we're beginning to see the effect of the kronos stone. Azreila also says she was given a plain amphora (like the one we used to trick Borris when he was after the one from Anavyssos) by a strange woman who wouldn't give her name or say where it was from.

June 2 - The following announcement was seen this monring... "Announcement: Attention thieves, mercenaries, legionaries, robbers, rowdies and your various pets. Due to your failure to decimate the Heroes of Greece, Ares revokes his blessing upon you. Henchforth you shall no longer be as "pumped up" causing your failure to be even more quickly rewarded by certain defeat. For the hamheaded among you this means you're much less healthy." According to Astraea, this is a "significant change".


Discord also showed up in the bar asking us all where Sasebo was. She swears she doesn't want to hurt Sasebo, she just wants to help... she wants the amphora to help fix the cursed vineyard she claims. When we refused to tell her she began freezing people and giving us to the count of 3 before she zapped them away to Hades. Finally she got fed up and just went off and zapped just about everybody and left in a huff. Tkeeri chased her and Discord told her that she had two days or two hours to find Sasebo or everyone in Athens is going to die. She came back a few minutes later and threatened Alydyana's babies, and told Tkeeri that she better work fast.


Later Discord was spotted in Nittedal Bygd where she caught Sasebo who she says she will keep until she tells her the whereabouts of the amphora. She also said that the people of Athens would pay dearly for not helping her, as will the babies. Thanks for the on the site coverage from Midgard Bonk.

June 1 - Maenads showed up at the gate tonight and kidnapped a few folks, Apollonius, Hench, Luross, and Yimphoba. They said they were looking for Sasebo, and it seems they were on a giantwoman hunt, the maenads were grabbing anybody and everybody who looked like Sasebo, even friends of these people that they thought could give them information. There were two people in a cavern the maenads took the kidnapped folks to named Pitthea and Staphylus, from the description it sounds like the area in Tiamat where we found Fox under that shrine with the maenads. They apparently worked for Dionysus, and were looking for Sasebo and that crystal amphora she stole. Nobody told them anything so I guess she's safe. I guess the maenads got bored so they attacked the gate after all the captives were released. Thanks Apollonius!


Later Vaftel and Tamboura saw Sasebo up in Nittedal Bygd. She told them that the lightning that nearly hit him the other day was the work of Discord, and that she was outside of the abandoned house (which she is hiding in apparently) in Nittedal Bygd when some vikings started chasing her. She also admitted that, yes, she did steal the amphora that the maenads were looking for and that the "stuff" in the amphora made her fight like a god, but it also wore off and made her really sick afterwards (blind spells and shortness of breath). She also mentioned that she hid the amphora somewhere in Athens. Thanks Tamboura and Vaftel!

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