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Hanging with the Cooper

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Off Mouseion Way in Athens' Northeast Quadrant you will find... 


Hanging with the Cooper

One of the advantages of selling items that hang from the ceiling is there is plenty of room for other pursuits.  This part-time furniture shop uses its extra space for coopering and the sales floor is a maze of barrels in various states of repair.  Many of the shoppers wander blindly through the containers with their eyes cast up to the more interesting wares, few managing to tread the labyrinth without bumping into a wall or finding themselves at a dead end.  You also see a clerk.

Obvious exits: out.



    1.  a dingy iron mining lamp (Ceiling Item) - 72 dinars

    2.  a red and gold paper lantern (Ceiling Item) - 72 dinars

    3.  a patinaed brass lantern (Ceiling Item) - 113 dinars

    4.  a glazed flower blossom chandelier (Ceiling Item) - 270 dinars

    5.  a rustic glass bottle chandelier (Ceiling Item) - 135 dinars

    6.  a natural twisted vine chandelier (Ceiling Item) - 203 dinars

    7.  a twisted wrought iron chandelier (Ceiling Item) - 248 dinars

    8.  a fancy crystal chandelier (Ceiling Item) - 270 dinars

    9.  a fuzzy purple passion vine (Ceiling Item) - 86 dinars

   10.  a marbled golden pothos (Ceiling Item) - 86 dinars

   11.  a potted geranium with purple blossoms (Ceiling Item) - 86 dinars

   12.  a striped green spider plant (Ceiling Item) - 86 dinars

   13.  a delicate rabbit's foot fern (Ceiling Item) - 86 dinars

   14.  a worn wine barrel (Small Storage Item) - 77 dinars

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