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Gezwik's Packs and Pouches

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[Gezwik's Packs and Pouches]

The wide entryway of Gezwik's shop opens into a room that is bare of decoration or furniture except for the shelves that line all four walls, and a square table in the center of the room. Gezwik's wares, an assortment of backpacks, pouches, and sacks, are arranged neatly on the shelves in order of size and color. You also see Gezwik.


1   a backpack                                       Price 16
2   a knapsack                                       Price 10
3   a wrist pouch                                    Price 6
4   a belt pouch                                     Price 4
5   a satchel                                        Price 22
6   a large sack                                     Price 10
7   a small sack                                     Price 4


All items may be customized with a color and __material__.

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