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Faithful Furnishings

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[Faithful Furnishings]

The furniture needs of the fashionable yet faithful are finally fulfilled here. Altars and prayer mats are surrounded by icons of the various deities. A sense of peace and holiness seems to permeate the entire shop, encouraging one to spend a little more time shopping before moving on to less serene locales. You also see a young acolyte and a sign.

Obvious exits: out.


#     Price Item
1.       80 an oak Aphrodite icon
2.      245 a gilded oak pew
3.       72 a comfortable goose-down mat
4.       80 an oak Peresphone icon
5.       85 a small stone altar
6.       80 an oak Apollo icon
7.       80 an oak Hermes icon
8.       80 an oak Demeter icon
9.      105 an ornate alabaster altar
10.     225 a carved cedar coffin
11.     135 a rickety pine cot
12.      80 an oak Pan icon
13.      80 an oak Zeus icon
14.      65 a threadbare linen prayer-mat
15.      80 an oak Hebe icon
16.      80 an oak Iris icon
17.      80 an oak Poseidon icon
18.      80 an oak Hephaestus icon
19.      95 an engraved marble altar
20.      70 a padded wool prayer-mat
21.      80 an oak Athena icon
22.      80 an oak Artemis icon
23.      80 an oak Hestia icon

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