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Elianthe's Elegant Emporium

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Elianthe's Elegant Emporium

The front room of Elianthe's furniture emporium is elegantly well-kept, draped with silk swags and luxurious tapestries. The smooth and beautiful colors of the wall hangings on display reflect off the highly polished floor much like a garden in full bloom is softly mirrored in a still pond. A faint, flowery scent wafts in from an unseen source, making the air sweetly pleasant. You also see Elianthe.

Obvious exits: east, west.

#     Price Item
1.       85 a wide cobalt ivory-tasseled tapestry
2.       85 a wide green rose-tasseled tapestry
3.      130 a silver-pinned sable silk swag
4.      130 an ivory-pinned cobalt silk swag
5.      130 a rose-pinned green silk swag
6.       85 a wide sable silver-tasseled tapestry

* West


[Elianthe's Elegant Emporium, Furnishings]

The polished floor holds several large beds draped with beautifully soft fabric, an herbal-smelling sachet on each pillow. Beside each bed stands a long table, its sturdy construction belied by its delicately beautiful appearance. Though each bed and its accompanying table are clearly intended as a set, the shop willingly sells them separately. You also see an attentive assistant.

Obvious exits: north, east.

#     Price Item
1.      225 a cloudy blue canopied laurel bed
2.      150 a jade-inlaid molded cedar table
3.      225 an ivy-painted canopied cedar bed
4.      225 a rose-painted canopied pine bed
5.      250 an ivory white curtained aspen bed
6.      100 an onyx-inlaid engraved ebony table
7.      100 an ivory-inlaid white aspen table
8.      250 a starry black curtained ebony bed
9.       95 a coral-inlaid buffed pine table
10.      95 a jasper-inlaid burnished yew table
11.     250 a stormy grey curtained yew bed
12.     120 a lapis-inlaid carved laurel table

* West and North


[Elianthe's Elegant Emporium, Windows and Walls]

The four walls are covered with several portions of glazed marble, each holding a lovely window. Beyond each window is the painted scene of a garden, looking as though the whole room is enclosed outside by floral beauty. The scent of roses fills the room, making the illusion so much more realistic. You also see an attentive assistant.

Obvious exits: south.

#     Price Item
1.      270 a pine-framed tall peaked window
2.      270 a cedar-framed frosted bay window
3.      325 a glazed green marble wall
4.      325 a glazed grey marble wall
5.      325 a glazed blue marble wall
6.      270 an aspen-framed tall picture window
7.      270 a laurel-framed wide oval window
8.      270 a yew-framed etched picture window
9.      325 a glazed black marble wall
10.     270 an ebony-framed beveled bay window
11.     325 a glazed pink marble wall
12.     325 a glazed white marble wall

* East


[Elianthe's Elegant Emporium, Floors]

A soft pine scent fills the air, bringing the room a crisp, cool atmosphere. Several squares of flagstone floor samples stand along the edges of the room, accompanied by stone samples bearing the several floor inlays available to cover the floors. On the walls, a few lushly thick rugs hang from pegs, their large tassels pinned to stand straight. You also see an attentive assistant.

Obvious exits: north, west.

#     Price Item
1.       75 a thick cobalt ivory-tasseled rug
2.       90 a snaking cloudy obsidian inlay
3.       90 an etched ivory geometric inlay
4.       90 a polished onyx music note inlay
5.       90 a stylized lapis songbird inlay
6.       90 a spiralling coral seahorse inlay
7.       75 a thick sable silver-tasseled rug
8.       90 an intricate jade ivy inlay
9.       75 a thick green rose-tasseled rug
10.     300 a polished grey flagstone floor
11.     300 a polished pink flagstone floor
12.     300 a polished black flagstone floor
13.     300 a polished white flagstone floor
14.     300 a polished green flagstone floor
15.     300 a polished blue flagstone floor

* East and North


[Elianthe's Elegant Emporium, Fireplaces]

Several marble fireplaces with elegant wood mantles line the four walls, each holding a false fire made of red, yellow and orange silk streamers. Though the silk flames give no warmth, they do exude a hint of the scent of wood on an open flame. You also see an attentive assistant.

Also here: Quinlax.

Obvious exits: south.

#     Price Item
1.      350 a grey marble yew-mantled fireplace
2.      350 a black marble ebony-mantled fireplace
3.      350 a pink marble pine-mantled fireplace
4.      350 a white marble aspen-mantled fireplace
5.      350 a blue marble laurel-mantled fireplace
6.      350 a green marble cedar-mantled fireplace

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