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Divalius' Accessories

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[Thebes, Divalius' Accessories]

A jingling bell announces all arrivals to Divalius' shop of exclusive adornments, and a prominent sign boasts the quality of his products. A set of marble shelves holds the majority of his sparkling wares, and a lumpy velvet cloth drapes over a counter. You also see Divalius.



1   some earrings                                    Price 15        
2   a ring                                           Price 20        
3   a bracelet                                       Price 27        
4   a necklace                                       Price 38        

5   a comb                                           Price 29        
6   a belt                                           Price 42        
7   a circlet                                        Price 55


All items may be customized with a color and a __material__.

Custom Options 1:

  1. simple           Pricing: 1 dinars per pound.

  2. hammered         Pricing: 7 dinars per pound.

  3. faceted          Pricing: 13 dinars per pound.

  4. serpentine       Pricing: 21 dinars per pound.

  5. delicate         Pricing: 30 dinars per pound.

Custom 2:

  1. bronze           Pricing: 1 dinars per pound.

  2. copper           Pricing: 3 dinars per pound.

  3. silver           Pricing: 30 dinars per pound.

  4. gold             Pricing: 285 dinars per pound.

  5. amber            Pricing: 440 dinars.

  6. sapphire         Pricing: 1850 dinars.

  7. ruby             Pricing: 2400 dinars.

  8. emerald          Pricing: 3200 dinars.


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