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Chilgun's Home Designs

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[Chilgun's Home Designs]

The interior walls of this roomy shop are constructed of knotty pine that has been stained the color of honey, then waxed to a smooth golden glow. Fragrant herbs mixed into the thick layer of straw on the floor release a sharp, pleasant aroma into the air. Wooden stalls divide the contents of the shop into precise groupings, indicating that the shop owner, Chilgun, has a keen sense of order that matches up well with his obvious preference for clean, attractive surroundings. You also see Chilgun.

#     Price Item
1.      105 a patterned cotton rug
2.       90 a woven horsehair rug
3.      270 an oak-framed window
4.       60 a pile of wool blankets
5.       80 a wide straw mattress
6.       50 a pile of herb-scented straw
7.       85 a long oak desk
8.      375 a polished oak wall
9.       40 a deep pile of straw
10.      85 an oiled leather riding crop
11.      70 a long wool runner
12.     100 a pair of bronze stirrups
13.      52 a simple iron horseshoe
14.      70 a bronze utility table
15.     305 a polished oak floor

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