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April 1999

Page history last edited by PBworks 17 years, 5 months ago

April 21 - Nisha arrived at the gate again early this morning still looking for Harukia. Seems now she is trying to find Borris who she hopes may know of Harukia's whereabouts. Nothing much else happened except a bit of shamless flirting by Silvershadow which earned him a dagger to the spleen and a one way trip to the underworld.

April 19 - Our favorite head of the local assassins' guild, Nisha, showed up at the Peiraic gate late tonight looking for Harukia. Seems Collin gave him the monthly payroll for the men and Harukia took off with it, so Collin hired Nisha to find him, and kill him. One problem though, Nisha seems to think she may have a problem discerning Harukia from Autolycus since they look so much alike (Harukia wishes!). Who knows though, it could have been Autolycus who stole the payroll, never can tell when the king of thieves is involved. Nisha also mentioned that Collin was building power in a keep up to the north, or was that west? She says when she finds out for sure she'll be sure to let us know.

April 18 - We had more blobs this afternoon and evening along with a visit from Discord. Seems she was just bored though and came to zap us around a bit, silence us, make us nauseus and give us tremors, heh. She did mention going on a trip for four days though and wouldn't tell us where. Shamara has also gone back home and I think Zemus got zapped by Discord and ran off with his tail between his legs too. Seems these blobs aren't eating the hair but using it to make themselves some mohawks, don't ask me.... A blob got one me and I tossed it in the well, big mistake I guess since the well was soon rumbling and this huge oozing eyebal peeked out the top of it at us. A few minutes later we heard it sigh as it swam off cursing.


Spiders, brawlers, and centurions attacked early this morning. During the battle they all ran off after voices were heard calling a retreat back to the nest so of course folks chased after them to the warrens. They heard more voices there, but nothing showed itself until one of the voices shouted to run cuz the spiders were "about to blow". Soon after, the ceiling started dripping with this ooze that seemed to be alive. As the blobs grew they became more agressive and were apparently feeding on lint and fur since they were stealing peoples' belly button lint and even stripped the fur off a poor cat. Thanks for the news Vaftel.

April 13 - More of those insane vineyard workers attacked early this morning, the first bunch were killed pretty easily but there were of course more who came and managed to take quite a few people out. After meeting up with Discord in the underworld who called them all wimps, the folks got out only to see the vineyard workers kidnap Tkeeri, Laia, and Garrock. All those three would tell us was that they had to swear allegiance to some grapevine before they were let go. The whole time this was happening, some crow was flying around and remembering people's faces. There also seems to be one vineyard worker out there to help us rather than kill us named Helictha. Thanks Vaftel.

April 12 - Seems Zemus was around tonight looking for Ramus and his pearl. Kalipso apparently told him something he didn't like because he chased her all over town for a few minutes before coming back and having his fortune read by Ixla. Something popped up in the cards about sovereignty and he scowled and snickered at everyone. Then after thinking a bit on it he declared that he was not the one to take over Athens, but he would find another who could and join them. Thanks Xeciah.

April 10 - The Arena finally opened! It costs a dinar to get in but it's quite worth it to go in and beat on your friends. No worries about dying, the medics keep a close eye on you and drag you off when you hit the dirt. It's located in the NE Quad just NW of the Academy. To get there just get DIRections to the INN in the NE Quad, go north, north, northwest, northwest, southwest and northwest. Once there go into the peristyle, north, through the door, then the gate. Pay the guard there 1 dinar then go through the tunnel, the payment lasts a good while so you can leave and come back in...not sure how long exactly though.


A buncha critters attacked the gate this morning, cougars, rats, grizzly bears, and cave bears. Seems just another one of those, hey we want our land back attacks from the critters of Greece. And on an interesting side note, all you boa constrictor hunters beware, they are constricting again! If you end up getting coiled, you could die very quickly as they squeeze for hits in the 30s and 40s (as high as I saw so far). But you can also type BREAK to try and break free from the hold also.

April 9 - A frightened vineyard worker came early this morning and warned us of his friends coming to kill us, which they indeed did as a whole slew of insane and crazy vineyard workers stormed the bar and the gates. During the fight the frightened vine worker came back and told us how the vines in one of their fields went bad and came to life and started eating people and strangling them and all this other mess. Then some crows came and all the workers' minds were erased and they went insane. The worker refused to tell us where the vineyard was and wasn't sure who was behind it, perhaps a god he said. More insane workers came and scared him off before he could tell us anymore, but he warned us that the wine we drink may be tainted.


While we were fighting more of the workers, Discord showed up to enjoy the bloodshed. She claims not to have been behind it but wishes she was and swears she'll find out who is so she can congratulate them. She also hinted at Sasebo maybe drinking some of that bad wine before poofing to go investigate. A bit after Discord left the frightened worker came back, the only problem was he was on fire and didn't stop to chat. Later after I left a group headed to the vineyards in Tiamat where, low and behold, they found more insane and crazy vineyard workers. They were all yelling and such while fighting, such uplifting phrases as "Find the grapes!", "Kill the mortals!", "Lets kill them and search more!", "Demtriel is gone!" They kept telling them that they were at the wrong vineyard, or were they discussing amongst themselves that they were at the wrong vineyard? Then some were heard to yell, "Kill the men...take the women!", "Sell the women! Breed them!". So I guess fun was had by all. One worker in particular seemed invincible, so he may still be running around somewhere trying to find these grapes or whatever it is they were looking for. Thanks for the news Hyzenthaly!

April 8 - Xena sent Gabrielle to Midgard to search for Kronos stones, after not finding any she rocked and rolled her way back to Athens on that boat of Bjornius'. Poor thing was green as a grass snake when she got off, but still managed to take a bunch of us to a tavern for drinks. She told us a bit about the kronos stones, saying that they're obviously not in Egypt or Midgard, but besides that she knows as much as us. While we were chatting Collin showed up and started telling us to find the stones for him and he'd give us 1000 dinar a piece, what a cheap-skate. After finding out that Collin senselessly slaughtered an innocent kitten, an appauled Gabrielle stormed out of the bar. Then after a bit of egging on by a few of the people in the tavern, Collin sent his dancing bears and soldiers after us. While all this was going on Harukia came to Athens with some of those trained war-bears also and dropped off a few red bombs before managing to get himself killed.

April 5 - More centurions attacked tonight, a bit more well trained than before, sending quite a few people down to stop and smell the asphodels. Still no clue as to who is sending these troops or why. Some warriors, brawlers, and berserkers also attacked, all swarming the NW Quad, even inside taverns and shops and at my house trying to steal my tiles! Blasted critters already got my blue tiles, now they're trying for the red ones, hmph!

April 4 - Ramus arrived at the gate this afternoon and was just chatting with folks (who apparently trust him now) when Shamara arrived and started grovelling and all this other nonsense claiming it was her first time ever arriving in Athens and not remembering anything that happened to her in the last few weeks. All we can guess is that somehow she lost her memory, she doesn't even remember Ramus killing her. Shortly after they left another batch of centurions flooded the NW Quad, and as if that wasn't enough, when they were all run off a larger group of warriors attacked. Looks like yet another person may have their eyes on conquering Athens. Thanks for the update Phoenixith!

April 2 - Busy night tonight starting with Fox arriving at the gate to just chat with us I think. She actually enjoyed her wild goose chase to Alexandria, something about fencing some items in some town by an oasis or some such. Later Discord came to the festival for the gods, we just knew she was gonna have a fit since she had no tent but she seemed to take it well, only zapped a few of us. Lucky for me she zapped me right into a room where Raven was opening a list to alter jewelry. While she was making her wonderous creations, dozens and dozens of centurions swarmed the entire NW Quad. Nobody is sure why they attacked, the Romans never have liked our gods even though they copied em all! I think they were just here to cut the arms off our statues, hehe.


The festival by the way has been a huge success. All the tents and exhibits are wonderfully done, the games are quite fun (if a bit generous, hehe), and the merchants items were very well thought out...such lovely fluff and even some useful stuff too! Great job to everyone involved! It's not all the time you can actually have fun and learn something at a big merchant event like this...gotta teach them dwarves on the juggernaut how to run things! Now if we could just get people in the tents during those performance times posted on the signs!

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